Late Fall Fishing with the Booza Whiplash and a Tanooki sports Jelli Buster!

Hey everybody today I am going to talk about late fall fishing with Tanooki Sports Jelli Buster rigged on a Stan Sloan's Zorro Bait Company Booza Whiplash. There is two reasons I love fishing this combo the first is it is super easy to fish and the second reason is there is really no wrong way to fish it, but the way I like to fish it is let the bait sink to the bottom and just crawl it over the structure slowly. Seeing there is no wrong way to fish it, there is also no wrong place to fish it but surely some places are better to fish at than others. And some of the better places to fish it are deep wintering areas like deep river channels, brush piles, rock piles, humps, Bull noses of locks, and deep bridges. The setup I fish this combo on is a Kistler Custom Fishing Rods Helium LTA Medium-Heavy 6'9 casting rod, with a Quantum Accurist PT 6:3:1 Casting Reel, spooled up with twelve pound SeaGuar invizx fluorocarbon line. Hope you guys take this deadly combo out on the water and whack some toads on this combo. Fish on and I'll see you on the water.


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