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My rod, reel, line, and bait setup!

Christmas List for a fisherman 2015

Late Fall Fishing with the Booza Whiplash and a Tanooki sports Jelli Buster!

Late fall Fishing With a River2Sea Ruckus

Fall Tube Fishing

Fall Jig Fishing

Fall Square Bill Fishing

My recent first place finish

Fall Tube Fishing

Swing head fishing

Summer Time Drop Shot Fishing

Summer Time Jig Fishing

Summer Time Worm Fishing

Last qualifying tournament of the year recap

Door County Fishing

Third Tournament of The Year Recap

Fishing In The One and Only Door County

Bed Fishing Part 2

Bed Fishing Part 1

First Tournament of The Year Recap

Pre-Spawn Fishing Part 2

Pre Spawn Fishing Part 1

Soft Swim Bait Fishing

Shaky Head Fishing

Ice off fishing

Things I would buy for spring

Part 2 Sport Shows

Sport shows