Late fall Fishing With a River2Sea Ruckus

Hey everybody today I am going to talk late fall fishing with a River2Sea Ruckus. The very first color I throw this time of year is TS minnow, and the reason I always start with that color is because I believe the bass the relate to shad or the bait fish more than anything in the fall and this is a perfect imitation. And the way I like to fish this bait is I will find myself some main lake rip rap, rocky main lake points, or hard cover on the main lake and what I mean by that is brush, poles of docks, bridges, dams, and bull noses of locks. And the way I will fish this bait is a will count my bait down to the desired depth (which will not take long seeing this bait weighs 3/4 of a ounce). And from there I will start trying different retrieve speeds, and styles, and one of styles that works really good this time of year is you let your Ruckus sink to the bottom and I will lift or rip it (which ever one the fish want) off the bottom almost like a jig. After all of that if I am not getting bit I change colors and tie on a cold blood pattern, and this represents more of a crawdad than baitfish. With this color I will fish it no different than the TS minnow. Not too long along a discovered a revolutionary product made by Easy2Hook USA that has completely changed the way I fish and will keep the giants the ruckus catches on and it is called the Easy2Hook lure adaptor. All you do is thread it on your split ring and you use the Easy2Hook wrap technology to secure the space between you and the fish. One of the most important things about this style of fishing is the rod, reel, and line you use. The rod I use for this technique is a Kistler Custom Fishing 7'0 medium heavy senko worm special Magnesium casting, paired with a Quantum Iron PT 7:0:1, spooled up with SeaGuar Invizx Fluorocaron 12lb line. Hope you guys learned something today. Fish on and I'll see you on the water!


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